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exploring a rate change
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Top 3 reasons why SDCEA is
exploring rate redesign options

To continue to fulfill our mission

To safely provide reliable electricity and services to sufficiently power the lives of our members and our communities.

Ensure rates are sufficient to cover the costs of operations

SDCEA invests millions of dollars into the electric system through our construction work plan, which improves our system reliability for all members.

To treat members fairly

SDCEA’s rate change does not significantly impact the cooperative’s total revenue and is designed to more equitably balance rates charged among various rate classes.

A message from SDCEA

SDCEA Invites Members to Voice Opinions on Rate Restructure at Upcoming Listening Session

Meeting the first in a series of member engagement events this year

[Buena Vista, CO, March 27, 2023] – Sangre de Cristo Electric Association (SDCEA) is hosting a listening session to provide an opportunity for cooperative members to ask questions and share feedback regarding a proposed rate restructure. The meeting is scheduled to take place on April 6 from 6 – 7:30 p.m. in the flex room at Buena Vista High School.
The purpose of the meeting is to gather feedback from our members regarding the rate restructure and to provide them with an opportunity to voice their opinions on the matter.

“We understand that changes to the rate structure can impact our members and we want to ensure that we are making sound decisions for all of the members in the cooperative.” We encourage our members to attend this upcoming session, ask questions, and share their feedback,” said SDCEA Board Chair Joe Redetzke.

SDCEA representatives will moderate the listening session, which is open to all SDCEA members. Members are encouraged to come prepared with questions and feedback regarding the rate restructure. At their regular monthly board meeting March 29, the SDCEA Board of Directors plans to table any action on the proposed rate restructure until after this listening session.

For more information on the upcoming listening meeting, please visit our website at myelectric.coop or contact SDCEA member services at 844-395-2412 (toll free) or 719-395-2412 (direct). Finger food and light refreshments will be served.

SDCEA is a not-for-profit electric cooperative serving 14,000 member accounts in Chaffee, Fremont, Custer, Lake, and Saguache counties.

Rates and Financial
Planning Study

Shaurice Moorman

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Power System Engineering

Rate restructure Q&As
Why is SDCEA changing its rates?

SDCEA is committed to provide the best possible service to our members and at the least cost needed to provide that service. That’s why we will be phasing in future rate changes that will: (1) itemize the costs to serve our members and re-balance those costs to make the coop more financially stable in the face of rapidly changing internal and external costs, and (2) allow you to take control of your energy consumption and maximize savings on your electric bills in the years ahead.

These rate changes will allow us to continue to provide the same high level of service you expect and depend on to power your homes and businesses.

SDCEA is a member-owned not-for-profit electric cooperative, and that is why we are committed to serving our member-owners well. That means we strive to provide reliable electric service, including rapid response to outages, but also personal care in member services and energy programs. We work every day to control costs while supplying reliable, affordable electricity to our members who depend on this essential service. Costs to operate the cooperative are shared among all members in the most equitable way possible. 

While SDCEA has not raised rates since 2017, materials and labor costs have increased. We must also continue to maintain and improve the infrastructure of our electric system to assure reliability. Wholesale power-supply prices to SDCEA are not constant, but vary based on off-peak and on-peak times when lesser or greater amounts of power are consumed.

Since 2020, SDCEA has been performing a review to determine if the current rates meet the objective of recovering the costs of doing business, treating members fairly, and encouraging member behavior that helps accomplish cooperative/public policy objectives.

From this review, we have determined that some changes to rates are needed. We want to alert and inform our members to these anticipated changes, which are expected to occur in 3 phases. These phases include:

  • Phase 1 – Rate Restructure (Itemization of costs to be shown on bills & introduction of innovative member-choice rates)
  • Phase 2 – Update of Cost of Service (COS) (the last COS was based on 2019 and costs have escalated significantly in the 3 years since)
  • Phase 3 – Updated Rate Review (To be informed by the new COS)

Phase 1 changes are being considered by the SDCEA Board to be implemented in 2023. These changes are focused on: (1) a simple itemization of costs to be shown on member’s bills, (2) an increase in SDCEA’s Service Availability charge to cover basic fixed costs, and (3) rollout of introductory member-choice rates which provide members with the opportunity to better manage their electricity use and save money.

SDCEA will offer an introductory pilot program for members who would like to save on their electricity bills by taking part in our new Time of Use rate, where the cost per kWh varies based on when electricity is used. This is a voluntary rate – our members must elect to opt-in to it, limited to 300 new accounts.

Through this initiative, and a future plan for an energy demand rate, SDCEA is encouraging customers to shift as much electric usage as possible to times with lower power demands – encouraging smarter consumption that can lead to more savings on your bill. Education initiatives will also be offered to help members better understand how taking advantage of off-peak hours can benefit them financially.

Why is SDCEA restructuring their rates in Phase 1?

In 2020-2021 SDCEA performed a Cost-of-Service Study (COS), which showed us whether each member class rates (residential, three-phase, and large power, for example) are adequately covering the costs of service, fuel, labor, equipment, etc. to serve those members. Based on the results of the study, we are restructuring rates to distribute costs more equitably to our members. Several factors went into this decision.

  • To continue to fulfill our mission: To safely provide reliable electricity and services to sufficiently power the lives of our members and our communities. 
  • Ensure rates are sufficient to cover the costs of operations: SDCEA invests millions of dollars into the electric system through our construction work plan, which improves our system reliability for all members.
  • To treat members fairly: SDCEA’s rate change does not significantly impact the cooperative’s total revenue and is designed to more equitably balance rates charged among various rate classes.
  • Restructuring our rates will also mitigate the impact of the weather on collecting sufficient revenue to cover SDCEA’s costs when electricity sales fluctuate due to unpredictable weather patterns.
  • Begin to decrease the amount of power purchased during peak-energy cost time periods: This saves members and the cooperative money on our power bills and helps give our members choices and better control over how much the cost is to run their home or business. It also encourages wise energy use and carbon reduction.
When will the rate restructure go into effect?

SDCEA’s board of directors will consider the restructuring of rates at its monthly meeting, March 29, 2023. If approved, the new rates will be reflected on the June 2023 electric cooperative’s bills.

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June 9th 2022

Annual Meeting

Open session to answer any questions members may have about the cooperative.

September 6 - 7th


Two-day workshop for SDCEA's Board of Directors only to discuss the costs of service and how to set reasonable rates for members.

November 17th 2022

Educational Workshop

SDCEA Board of Directors to discuss findings of 2021 Cost of Service Study.

February 10th 2023

Educational Workshop

SDCEA Board of Directors consider staff recommendations for a proposed rate restructure of three phases.

February 27th

Board Meeting

The SDCEA Board of Directors at their regular meeting discussed a proposed rate restructure to be considered at their monthly meeting March 29th.



Members can review the proposed rate restructure and view their individual bill comparisons. Member comments can be emailed to sdcearates@myelectric.coop

March 29th


SDCEA directors will consider the proposed rate restructure.

April 1st-June 1st


Members may request Time-of-Use opt-in if rate restructure approved March 29. Limited to 450 residential accounts and 50 non-residential accounts.

June 1st


If approved, rate restructure will go into effect on member bills.

June 15th


SDCEA Annual Meeting, Buena Vista High School

Late Summer / Early Fall

Phase 2

SDCEA receives updated Cost of Service Study (COSS) findings for 2022

Fall 2023


SDCEA proposed Energy + Demand rate available as member opt-in.


Phase 3

Update rate review informed by results of new COSS.